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Saraswathy offers a wide range of products in music and sports, besides airgun and pistol bringing them from leading manufacturers. From harmonium, tabala, veena, guitar and violin among carnatic instruments, it sells shoes and jerseys in sports and airgun and pistol and other gymnasium items.

'Granade', ' Yamaha', 'Casino', 'Gong', and ' Radel' are some of the branded products in music while 'Nike', 'Addidas','Nivia', and 'Vickson' manufactured sports products find a place in the showroom that also offers gymnasium items from leading companies like 'Toppro', 'Benson', and 'Excel'.

It will be really hard to see a single showroom offering on sale such an unending list of standard products in both music and sports. Needless to say, Saraswathy also ensures that the products, including imported ones, are sold at deserving prices so that of the end of the day the customer feels the value for his money.

Saraswathy also ensures that any new products first reaches its showroom, be it music or sports.


Shoes and jerseys in sports while 'BDM','SS', 'Toppro','Nivia', and 'Vixen' manufactured sports products.


Harmonium, tabala, veena, guitar and violin among carnatic instruments while 'Yamaha', 'Roland','Sound X','Casio', 'Corg', and 'GBA' manufactured musical products.


Gymnasium items from leading companies like Toppro,Benson, and Excel.